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Pulse Style

Pulse Style

They use less packaging and transportation to get the furniture to the consumer, and support the local economy.

Urban Lifestyle Experience

Pulse at F2 Furnishings in Edmonton and Calgary has been making top quality furniture on the vast Canadian prairies. Pulse aims to change the way the industry buys and thinks about furniture radically. By offering quality products, and an infinite selection, an individual can build their own options, and also receive the best warranty within the industry.

Pulse is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For someone looking for an urban lifestyle experience, Pulse has that to offer. Something for every taste can be found: hip, cutting edge, luxe, traditional, or contemporary. There is a full rage of sofas, ottomans, chairs, hide-a-beds, day beds, cubes, banquettes, tables, stools, and dining chairs for both residential and commercial locations.

There are many standard styles to choose from, but Pulse also offers 100% custom work, built to your own specifications, drawings, photos, and sketches. Pulse will even use a consumers materials' to manufacture a piece perfect to the specifications of the consumer.

Pulse is made in Canada, and many local suppliers are used. Production facilities in Toronto are able to manufacture products as close as possible to you. All of the suppliers that Pulse uses are within a 25-mile radius. They use less packaging and transportation to get the furniture to the consumer, and support the local economy.

Pulse products are made with Canadian hardwood Birch or Maple, and 2.4 high-density foam for seats. Eco upgrade options, recycled fabrics, soya foam, certified lumber, recycled packaging, and toxic free glues are also offered from Pulse, as they have a constant effort to stay green. Chairs and stool frames are manufactures using mortise and tenon, and/or multi-groove construction. All joints are glued, pressed, and pinned. This high quality constriction increases durability and stability.

Pulse is committed to providing products and services that will keep pace with the road ahead. Come and explore Pulse with F2 Furnishings. Both Edmonton Calgary location are open 7 days a week.